Construction Loans

Private Money Construction Loans
Our network of private money lenders specialize in all types of construction lending, both residential and commercial. From ground up construction to rehabilitation or tenant improvements, we get your deals done. 

New Construction
From a fresh set of plans to the final finished project, we can assist you from start to finish, throughout the construction project.

Speculative (“spec”) Construction
While many lenders adhere to a rigid policy against making construction loans for properties that are not pre-sold or pre-leased, we understand the current market trends well enough to keep your pipeline flowing.

Broken Priority
Broken priority situations occur when construction has begun prior to the loan closing. This can add an additional layer of mechanics lien related risk to the financing transaction for the lender that they are often unable to accept. Our experience allows us to mitigate this risk and provide financing in these situations where others cannot. So if your funds run out before the project is completed or if you are acquiring a project in partially constructed condition, we help you until the project is complete.

Our private money lenders will fund your projects if you have the proper experience. Hiring a Contractor or having a Contractor’s License is not required for us to get your loan funded.

Tenant Improvements (“TI’s”)
Retail, office and industrial tenants typically have very specific requirements for the layout of their space. Improvements or alterations are often required in commercial properties when tenants change over or expand. Our lenders offer the financing to make these types of improvements and help you attract and retain the tenants you desire.

Land Development
With today’s shortage of inventory, builder-ready land is in great demand. Our lenders offer financing for the development and installation of road and utility infrastructure for new residential subdivisions or commercial developments. Our construction/development loans are specifically structured around the needs of the project. We can help turn your raw land investment into buildable lots for residential or commercial use.