Loan Programs Overview

Private Money Loans
We Help Investors Capitalize On Opportunities
We offer creative, reliable lending solutions that work. We do the work so you don't have to. We use our relationships and experience to find the lending solution best suited for you. We assist you through the deal from beginning to end. We underwrite, close, and fund our loans swiftly.

Get Your Loan Funded
We separate ourselves from other lending sources with our ability to fund loans for borrowers or on properties that may not conform to traditional lending guidelines. In addition, we specialize in assisting borrowers with a recent short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy qualify for financing.

We Lend on a Variety of Property Types
We make loans on a wide variety of property types. We offer blanket loans (cross-collateralization), with no limit on the number of properties secured. Our flexibility combined with our experience in real estate financing allows us to tailor a loan program to your specific needs.

What to know about Private Money Loans
While banks are traditional sources of financing for real estate, and other purposes, our private money lending and loan options are offered by individuals and organizations that provide us with non traditional qualifying guidelines. There are often higher risks associated with private lending loan types for both the lender and borrower.

Private money loans exist throughout most of the United States. Our group of loan investors seek a chance to earn above average rates of return on their money for providing you the loan you need when others won't. With that comes the risk that a private money loan may not be re-paid on time or at all without legal action. In the case of a real estate transaction our lenders may ask for a deed on the property in their name & Insurance on the property the same as a bank lending money would require as collateral to help insure they be repaid in the event of a default on the loan or catastrophe to the property. In these cases our lenders get the property and can sell it to recoup their investment. We offer private money loans and lending scenarios to clients in many cases in which the banks have found the risk to be too high. With some unique loan opportunities our lenders will loan private money with no credit check or loan amortization.

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