Residential Loans

Residential Private Money Loans
We can help you find the right loan program when qualifying for a traditional mortgage is not an option. Whether you are short on cash on a cash property or need to be creative with the structure of your purchase we'll help you close your sale. Creative lending solutions for qualified buyers of real estate, and cash out programs for owners of real estate is one of our residential lending specialties. We lend to both individuals and corporations. Our loan sizes range from $50,000 to over $3 million.

One of the many advantages to our loan programs is our flexibility to loan on a variety of property types and borrower situations. Our network of private lenders offer asset-based loans that take a common sense approach to underwriting mortgage loans. Primarily, we evaluate the borrower’s equity and ability to repay the loan. There are many benefits to working with a lender that wants to help you be successful. Listed below are examples of the many types of residential properties and circumstances that we will loan on.

Loan Types: 
Single family | Multi-family | Owner & Non-owner occupied | Foreign nationals